The Road to Reign is an online spiritual guidance platform and community based in Sydney, Australia. I started the Road to Reign with the goal of bringing to life the idea that the angels are always guiding and supporting us. Its purpose is to be a community for women to open their minds to think bigger, to see their potential and possibilities, and that the life they have always dreamed of is possible. 


My name is Rebecca but I prefer to be called Bec. I’m a typical Macedonian girl raised in Sydney, Australia who has a passion for helping people and making a difference.


A bit about me…


I enjoy RNB and Rap music especially Cardi B, Beyonce or Tyga. I still live at home like a good unmarried Macedonian girl – but I am finding ways to break the mould and shake things up. One of these ways was by creating the Road to Reign. 


Since October 2018, I’ve been nurturing my psychic gifts, purpose, and vision of creating a platform and community to spread more hope and love into this world more seriously. I began mentorship with Florence King (she even named me part of “The New Wave of Psychics”, how exciting is that!).  Since then I’ve gone on to read over 200 people (including some people from psychic TV). I also enrolled in B-School knowledge, a course by Marie Forleo to take things from just an idea to my own small and scrappy (but deeply passionate) business. I’m currently working toward my accreditation with the Psychics Association and am planning to do a counselling course in the near future.


I left my ‘real’ job in June 2019, officially taking the leap to focus on the Road to Reign full time.


So what led me down this crazy path? As I mentioned before it was a desire to break the mould in my own way (to you this might not seem like such a brave thing to do, but remember we all have our own journeys). 


Even though I haven’t gone through major hardships I have gone through personal struggles in childhood and adulthood which range from being bullied, to unemployment; to breakups and breakdowns; not fitting in; to depression and anxiety plus various other things that come with growing up.  


My curiosity allowed me to continuously consume all things based on spirituality and personal development as I was obsessed with growing my potential as well as others.


After one major personal struggle where I was battling depression, I began questioning my beliefs that the angels were always supporting us. In that moment of feeling lost and depressed I heard a voice saying “you're a psychic and it’s a path you should follow to help others”. From then on, I knew there was more for me. With my hope in one hand and my purpose in the other, I began the journey to becoming an accredited psychic, entrepreneur and philanthropist. I also wanted to break the mold and assumptions of psychics and spirituality while being myself as I was completely outside the box and unconventional. Why? Because I loved glamming up, twerk music; fitness and wellness; learning about social media and business.


I also am extremely passionate about being of service and building The Road To Reign on a foundation of hope, with a goal of empowering people to be limitless in life and spreading more love and light in the world. I’m so grateful for this unconventional turn and career path of being a psychic and entrepreneur. I’m blessed to be your guide on the side and want to remind everyone that even though I can help connect you to your angels – the messages don’t come from me they come from YOUR guides. Whether you’re pondering a huge investment or just wanting to know if the guy you’re with is the one, its all the same to me and the angels because the answers come from the universe not my own experience. 


Whether you believe that is entirely up to you. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit The Road To Reign and taking on the ideas, tools, and resources! I'm excited for the journey ahead together.





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