Get started with Road To Reign

 Oh hey there sister ! Welcome I am Rebecca Rose your personal mentor & trainer at The Road To Reign!

Not sure how you found us but I am so thrilled you found yourself right here! I created this community The Road To Reign

 to provide self-help from above to be your guide on the side. But above all be a possibility model that age doesn't define you or cultural identity that any woman going through a quarter life crisis can reinvent herself even if she didn't have anything figured out or her sh*t together in the beginning. You'll also find a community of like minded women who believe in you no matter what , bring you up . One of our mottos is Empowered Women , Empower Women these women are here to f**k with you and support you on livin' your best life and cheering you along the way the journey. A group of women who are not small minded! Believe in your big dream and what you are capable of.

That's our culture that you'll receive unconditional love:

- love to become spiritual baddie to be that baddie B and become who you where meant to be

- love to push through any difficult problem or time

- love and support from women who f**k with you not matter what (even if your at rock bottom)

- love you when your at the bottom while your trying to figure your sh**t out while taking bold risks/action

You'll also find resources to keep you inspired at any given time and help you have breakthrough transformations

that sticks. I also provide services such as personal mentoring (to help a have breakthroughs in 4 areas ) and

career mentoring (which is my speciality I have gotten my dream job & helped many get there's). I also hope

to one day more than one mentor will be here, but atm its just me hence why I am doing it here and want to build this into a company

which has various products , services and media.

The heart of the brand is every year on international's women's day will donate all the profits to a Philanthropic invitiative

for young girls in third world countries to help them get educated and become empowered women.


 Welcome to the sisterhood.

Your guide on your side and sister on this journey