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10 Ways To Get Intuitive Guidance and Direction From Your Angels

Updated: Mar 24

Ever wished you could call up your own angels on your telephone anytime? YES

Or how about when you're in struggle street.

You know those days when sh**t hits the fan and you say:

- Where is my life going?

- Why does this happen all the time?

- I am too young, too old or not ready or capable

- Everyone is doing better than me ...I don't have my sh##t together

- I should stop trying cause I already failed.

-I am not enough nothing works out for me

- Plus so on

That's a lot of BS - but they're REAL thoughts people always have including me due to pressure and expectations of society and culture.

It's a natural human desire to make yourself small and ignore your intuition in fears of not being loved and accepted.

Your time on earth is limited. Like Oprah says you are receiving those whispers for a reason. Stop ignoring them as they are pushing you forward to what you really want.

Here is what happens when you don't listen to intuitive direction and you start playing small:

-You worry, overtaking, overanalyze and control

-You feel resentful

-You dreams feel too big to achieve or ever have

-You feel 'selfish' asking for what you want

-You running around in circles not sure what direction to go too

The risks of ignoring your intuition are way too high.

So stop gambling your life way, as in this month's episode of the RuleYourLifeShow you'll learn

10 ways to get intuitive guidance and direction from your own angels

Once you've watched it, I'd love to hear from you.

Did you learn something new and what are you going to start doing to be more tapped in with your intuition?

Please share as much as you like. Your story may be that little push to empower someone to start create change and have a major breakthrough. Make sure to share them in the comments below.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing and adding your point of view. Keep listening to those little whispers as no one knows how long they have left.

Stop waiting for tomorrow and start living. The world needs you to shine bright as you have a light that will touch others.

Love Bec


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