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Revamped First Episode: 5 Common Questions About Spirituality and Spiritual Guidance

Updated: Mar 24

Get your popcorn , get your note pad and be ready to feel empowered because todays is


Hallajuh, The RuleYourLifeShow is now officially started. This show has been on my mind for the last couple of months and is labour of love. The journey of The Road To Reign being a spiritual guidance platform which will give you a jolt of HOPE has only just began.

I made myself a promise to keep practising what I preach and this is the first step.

On todays very first episode you'll learn:

* All the tea (truth) about spiritual guidance and spirituality.

* 5 Common Unanswered questions.

*How Spiritual Guidance is here to serve you so you can Rule Your Life.

Once you've watched it , I'd love to hear from you.

Do you think spiritual guidance serves you? Have you got anymore questions regarding your angels?Leave a comment below and let me know.

Share as much details as possible as your story , insight or inspiration can help someone else know the angels have got their back and will help them overcome a hurdle or obstacle.

Thankyou so much so much for watching, sharing and empowering this community with your thoughts. By empowering someone with hope you are helping them become stronger to face their fears.

Don't let anything make you feel trapped or stuck , you are limitless, you can life the life of your dreams alls you need is a little loving push from your angels to take little steps in faith.




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