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Updated: May 22

Have you ever struggled with indecisiveness as you're multi-passionate? Welcome to the club Sis.

I've never met anyone who was truly creative who didn't feel this way. I'm the queen of yo-yoing when the answer has always been there I just thought it was too hard or bla blah or I thought I wanted something else.

I knew in my heart what I wanted which was to help people and provide top-notch services/products. I tried to visualize myself as an influencer or thought leader and it just didn't feel right as I was introverted for sure. I also knew I wanted to be known for something not just as a coach or psychic as one my close family members said everyone is doing the same thing you need to stand out, I was like yes I DO like in hot sauce bag swag kinda way.

As I picked up Gabby Bernstein's book The universe has your back and flipped to a page all about obstacles in the right direction which said let go of all the shoulds. I suddenly heard something whisper in my ear it sounded like this lil' mama let me whisper in ya ear

Tell ya somethin' that ya might like to hear you need to shift the gears.

It sounded like a bad remix of the whisper song.

Each person has something unique which could be a talent or gift which could be bought out in the world.I also didn't want to be a cookie cutter, I own a unicorn teddy bear for goodness sake !

It was so sad as the answers where always their locked away with a key . I was meant to open place and be a small business owner .

It was space similar to something that existed in my area years ago called Whispered Insights which was a wellness center but as I said before was going to be something totally different.

Why as I have seen a huge gap nowhere in my area or around which helps people like myself in a more personal way. Someone going through a quarter-life crisis. Someone like me as I was honestly having a major quarter-life crisis I knew in my heart of hearts I was made for something more not just sitting at a desk and I wanted to go into the fog of the unknown.

With this clarity, I take this first step into unknown direction and I honestly feel so wobbly (my new word for fear will explain that another time)

Now that I let go of all the shoulds I feel clearer than ever.

Take a look at all your shoulds and write them down it could be on anything:

-who or what type of person you should date

-what career you should do

-how you should act, dream, think, create, or experiment ect?

How can you turn over indecisiveness and the "shoulds" to the universe to be much more clear?

Add some love in the comments. Please share as much as you can or like as your words may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Don't let mishaps or indecisiveness get you down keep going and creating remember angels are wingin it too just like you.

Love Bec

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