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Want True Enlightenment? 4 Limiting Beliefs That Are No longer Serving You

Updated: Mar 24

It's almost the end of the decade but reading after reading many people are creating false stories and beliefs about what is possible !

In today's episode of The RuleYourLifeShow; you'll go on spiritual deep dive on 4 limiting beliefs which are stopping you dead in your own tracks to true enlightenment.

It's delivered by mixing two styles information and some poor acting aka entertainment.

You'll learn

* Beliefs you need to stop consuming your thoughts on.

*The stories you need to say GOODBYE to before 2019.

*How to rewire your brain to trust in your own intuition and angels.

*Why limiting beliefs are toxic to your self-belief?

Once , you've hand the chance to watch this week's last episode the year I would love to hear your voice and story as it could empower someone else to have more hope.

What's one piece of wisdom you gained from this video or breakthrough ? What other limiting beliefs should be included? Leave a comment below and let me know .

Realtalk, its never too late to start your journey to true englightenment. "In any moment, you're free to restart your life." - Marie Forleo . So why not start this December !




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